48-Hour Start-up - From idea to launch in 1 weekend - Fraser Doherty MBE

48-Hour Start-up - From idea to launch in 1 weekend

48-Hour Start-up - From idea to launch in 1 weekend

4.107142857142857 84 5 Schrijver: Fraser Doherty MBE Voorlezer: Fraser Doherty MBE
Beschikbaar als audioboek.
Fraser Doherty's 48-Hour Start-Up is your handy and essential cheat sheet to starting your own business, giving the key steps for developing an idea and getting it to market quickly. Almost everyone dreams of starting their own business, but very few do it. What if it had to be only a decision of a weekend, and it didn't cost a fortune? In 48-Hour Start-Up, Fraser Doherty uses his experience in building a multimillion-dollar company to attempt an experiment: starting with a blank piece of paper, he sets out to start a profitable new business over a weekend, without relying on any technical ability whatsoever. He succeeds, and you can, too, by following his journey. Fraser shares all of his lessons and mistakes and explains all of the shortcuts and online tools that make it possible to: - Come up with a business idea without the guesswork - Create a kick-ass brand, website and online marketing - Promote your product 48-Hour Start-Up pioneers the idea of a microbusiness, a creative outlet, an income stream and a business you can run in your spare time on the weekends, without having to quit the day job. This audiobook is perfect for: - Young entrepreneurs - Students learning about start-ups - Established entrepreneurs looking for shortcuts - Teams within corporates who want to create more innovative and competitive environments
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Meer info over het audioboek:

Uitgeverij: Harper Collins UK
Verschenen: 2016-08-25
Lengte: 4U 52M
ISBN: 9780008196714

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