Hell Divers

4.1241 419 5 Schrijver: Nicholas Sansbury Smith Voorlezer: R. C. Bray
Beschikbaar als audioboek.
From the bestselling author that brought you the award-winning Extinction Cycle series, comes an all new vision of the apocalypse and the future of humanity.More than two centuries after World War III poisoned the planet, the final bastion of humanity lives on massive airships circling the globe in search for a habitable area to call home. Aging and outdated, most of the ships plummeted back to earth long ago. The only thing keeping the two surviving lifeboats in the sky are Hell Divers: men and women who risk their lives by diving to the surface to scavenge for parts the ships desperately need.When one of the remaining airships is damaged in an electrical storm, a Hell Diver team is deployed to a hostile zone called Hades. But theres something down there thats far worse than the mutated creatures discovered on dives in the past-something that threatens the fragile future of humanity.Amazing settings, great characters, the end of the world shouldnt be this much fun!-Matthew Mather, bestselling author of CyberStormAn exciting new take on the end of the world and a thrilling race to survive... Sure to delight fans of survival and post-apocalyptic thrillers. -A.G. Riddle, best-selling author of The Atlantis GeneRelentless action and danger in a gritty postapocalyptic world where survival depends on a few brave men and women. Hell Divers is one hell of a page turner!-Bob Mayer, New York Times bestselling author of the Area 51 seriesAn action-packed page-turner...You wont be able to put this book down until the last searing page. And then youll want the next book.-Mike Shepherd, New York Times bestselling author
Taal: Engels Categorie: Fantasy & SciFi Serie: The Hell Divers Trilogy: 1

Meer info over het audioboek:

Uitgeverij: Blackstone Audio
Verschenen: 2016-07-19
Lengte: 10U 11M
ISBN: 9781504710374

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