Mastering Fear - Harness Emotion to Achieve Excellence in Work, Health, and Relationships

4.5 26 5 Schrijver: Michelle Gifford, Robert Maurer Voorlezer: Sean Runnette
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Achieving and sustaining success is difficult. Why do some people struggle to get started or stay the course? Why do others seem to sabotage their hard-earned victories? What makes some people stumble and fall, when they seem to possess the requisite skills to soar? Most importantly, what can be done to change these patterns and their outcomes? Based on years of research, Mastering Fear answers these questions and many more with its surprising perspective on stress, fear, and the single most important skill necessary to achieve maximum results. Studies worldwide have tracked the lives of hundreds of individuals over decades in search of the foundations of excellence. Dr. Maurer has culled and refined this data, dispelling current myths and revealing practical strategies to maximize passion and performance in any individual, team, or organization.
Taal: Engels Categorie: Persoonlijke ontwikkeling

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Uitgeverij: MMB Media LLC - Vibrance Press
Verschenen: 2016-01-25
Lengte: 5U 52M
ISBN: 9781624613203