Kiss That Frog!

4.0984 61 5 Schrijver: Brian Tracy, Christina Stein Voorlezer: Brian Tracy
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Just like the lonely princess in the fairy tale who was reluctant to lock lips with a warty frog and transform him into a handsome prince, something stops many of us short of attaining our dreams. Our negative thoughts, emotions, and attitudes can threaten to keep us from achieving all that we're capable of. Here bestselling author and speaker Brian Tracy and his daughter, therapist Christina Tracy Stein, provide a set of practical, proven strategies anyone can use to turn those negative frogs into positive princes. Tracy and Stein present a step by step plan that addresses the root causes of negativity, helps you uncover blocks that have become mental obstacles, and shows how you can transform them into stepping stones to achieve your fullest potential.
Taal: Engels Categorie: Persoonlijke ontwikkeling

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Uitgeverij: Gildan Media Corp
Verschenen: 2012-02-01
Lengte: 3U 51M
ISBN: 9781469000206