The Solution

4.375 48 5 Schrijver: Joe Vitale Voorlezer: Joe Vitale
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Looking for answers to the challenges you face today? Want to know how to thrive (not just survive) in today's tough times? Dr. Joe Vitale has The Solution! Best-selling author and one of the standout stars of the hit movie "The Secret", Dr. Joe Vitale goes beyond feel good pep talks to reveal the real solution to attracting miracles in every area of your life and transcending your problems. Inspiring, enlightening and mind expanding, Dr. Vitale's "solution" involves a proven step-by-step methodology to quickly take you from "Victim" to "Victor!" The Solution - How to break free from victim mentality - so you can get on with your life
Taal: Engels Categorie: Persoonlijke ontwikkeling

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Uitgeverij: Gildan Media Corp
Verschenen: 2009-04-01
Lengte: 1U 5M
ISBN: 9781596593923