Sleep Well

4.0 60 5 Schrijver: Linda Hall Voorlezer: Linda Hall
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A powerful sleep inducer to promote deep, recuperative sleep and restore healthy sleeping patterns. Contains gentle relaxation techniques, self hypnosis and state of the art Music Brainwave Entrainment Technology (inaudible binaural beats embedded in the music to synchronise brainwaves into 'Delta' sleep). Linda Hall combines her experience as a gifted meditation teacher and practitioner of NLP and clinical hypnotherapy; her voice has a warm quality that is deeply relaxing to listen to. The un intrusive background music is specifically designed to lead the mind towards a good night's sleep. The first track may be used to help you relax deeply any time during the day or directly before going to bed. The last two tracks are designed to help you fall soundly asleep or go back to sleep should you wake in the night. Each track is complete in itself and can be used individually as a sleep inducer 1. Preparing for Sleep (25’00”) 2. Settling Into Sleep (27’00”) 3. Sleep Well (21’00”)
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Uitgeverij: Resource
Verschenen: 2013-01-21
Lengte: 1U 13M