Gracie Mae's Magic Glasses - Don’Angelica Silva

Gracie Mae's Magic Glasses

Gracie Mae's Magic Glasses

4.75 4 5 Schrijver: Don’Angelica Silva
Beschikbaar als e-book.
Jay and Drew believe that Gracie Mae's glasses must be the key to her charmed life full of lucky breaks. Everything seems to be going her way until the day she leaves her bright red glasses at her desk and her luck seems to have run out. During their journey the kids learn that it's not what she wears on her eyes but rather how she sees the world that causes her life to flow smoothly, drawing good things in her direction. Three friends go on a quest to find out why their classmate seems to have all the luck. Gracie Mae's Magic Glasses is the first book in the Pampered Poet's wisdom series and teaches kids and grownups too, that the most powerful key to attracting positivity in ones life is gratitude. Written in a fun poetic style, this short story is filled with bright colorful pictures that invite the reader to go on a journey that will leave the child with wisdom that will be carried for a lifetime.
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Verschenen: 2017-06-21
ISBN: 9781912317028

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