Wake Up To The Joy Of You

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Wake Up to the Joy of You is the simple way to find grace and meaning in your life. Inspirational motivational speaker and blogger, Agapi Stassinopoulos offers 52 weeks of super-accessible meditations that allow you to overcome disappointment, rejection, fear,and self-doubt - and to find something more in your life. With an approachable style and uplifting spirit, Agapi shares stories and explanations that illuminate topics such as... · How to Ask for Help · How to Stop People-Pleasing · 5 Questions to Find My Calling · Finding My Authentic Voice · Am I Running on Empty? And many more... As she walks you through a guided meditation for each theme, Agapi helps you to overcome inner roadblocks and enables you to achieve a happier, calmer and more balanced life. Wake Up to the Joy of You is the perfect introduction to meditation and mindfulness, and a book to treasure at any point on your journey through life.
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Uitgeverij: Random House UK
Verschenen: 2017-07-06
Lengte: 11U 9M
ISBN: 9781473554580