Rescue Josh McGuire

0.0 0 5 Schrijver: Ben Mikaelsen Voorlezer: Ed Sala
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Thirteen-year-old Josh McGuire knows an orphaned bear cub he's found will be given to researchers if the game warden tracks it to his dog house. Instead, he runs away with the cub to the mountains, vowing to protect it until hunting laws are changed. But the Montana wilderness is a dangerous place, and saving the cub's life may cost Josh his own. Rescue Josh McGuire has won the International Reading Association Award and Western Writers of America Spur Award. Its popular author Ben Mikaelsen lives in Montana with his wife and Buffy, a 600-pound black bear.
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Uitgeverij: Recorded Books
Verschenen: 1996-03-20
Lengte: 7U 58M
ISBN: 9781440768576